2017 Somerset County Championships Results

Posted by on December 21, 2017

The Ridge Fencing team started the season on the right note with the Boys team taking the Somerset Hills District Championship at Bernards High School on Saturday, December 16th. Competing against six area schools, the Boys Foil team put Ridge in first place for that weapon, while several students took individual medals in their respective weapons.

The Girls Epee team shone with a tie with Montgomery High School during the pool round. While they ultimately settled for second place, all three fencers: juniors Ariana Minassian and Jillian Yao, and sophomore Diya Kulkarni, moved on to the individual round with Jillian taking 3rd and Arianna 2nd place.


Sophomore Liz Yugov, considered a “fencer to watch” by NJ.com, led the Girls Foil team while moving on to the individual round where she placed fourth. Junior Nasstasja Kuznetsova showed her mastery of saber by taking 2nd place in the individual round.

The Boys Foil team consisting of juniors Eric Liu and Ericson Lau, and sophomore James Liau, continued their dominance in the sport. James not only helped his teammates take the trophy, he also placed 2nd in the individual round. Eric followed with fourth place and Ericson, sixth.

The rest of the Boys team performed really well. Sophomore Clark Kokenge and junior Antony Grosnikov moved on to the epee individual round where Clark placed 2nd. Seniors Dan McCarthy, who won all of his matches in the pool round, and Andy McGowan both had strong performances that moved them onto the individual round where they placed fourth and sixth, respectively. Overall, all the boys’ strong performances helped the Boys Team ultimately win the championship title.


Boys Team 1st overall
Foil 1st
Sabre 2nd
Epee 3rd
Girls Team 4th overall
Epee 2nd
Sabre 3rd
Foil 4th
James Liao 2nd Foil
Arianna Minassian 2nd Epee
Nastassja Kusnetsova 2nd Sabre
Clark Kokenge 2nd Epee
Jillian Yao 3rd epee
Eric Liu 4th Foil
Andy McGowan 4th Sabre
Liz Yugov 4th Foil
Ericson Lac 6th Foil
Daniel McCarthy 6th Sabre




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