Ridge boys and girls take FIRST overall at District 2 tournament two years in a row!

Posted by on January 27, 2018

Congratulations to the Boys and Girls Fencing Teams for both capturing FIRST PLACE OVERALL in the District 2 Championships at North Hunterdon High School!
The girls foil squad took first place, the epee squad captured second and the sabre squad finished third. The boys sabre squad finished in first place and both the epee and foil squads took second place.
Go Ridge Fencing!

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Ridge boys fencing captures District 2 championship
Ridge girls fencing team wins District 2 Championships

The Bernardsville News
Ridge fencing teams win District 2
Jan 30, 2018

BERNARDS TWP. – Saturday, Jan. 27 proved to be quite a successful day for the Ridge High School fencing team. Competing at North Hunterdon High School at the District 2 tournament against 11 area schools, the Ridge boys team won 81 percent of its bouts to take the title. Likewise, the girls team saw success with a 78 percent win rate against 10 schools and brought home its title.

Boys Sabre

Led by team captain Dan McCarthy, who fenced 10-1 in the team competition, and squad leader Andy McGowan, who fenced 9-2, the team placed first with a 29-4 record. Freshman Casper Mika, on the A strip, impressed his friends and foes alike with 10 wins. With such an impressive performance, all three boys qualified for the individual competition, where only nine out of the 36 boys made the cut. There, Mika ended up with a 4-4 record. McGowan fenced 6-2 and placed second. McCarthy fenced 5-3 and placed third. The last two boys further qualified for the individual weapons championship in March.

Boys Foil

The “three L’s” on the foil team set out to prove they are a force to be reckoned with. While Eric Liu fenced 8-3 and Ericson Lac 6-5, James Liao crushed the competition when he remained undefeated on the B strip. With a record of 25-8, the squad placed second. In the individual competition, Liao placed second with an 8-1 record while Liu placed fourth with a 7-2 record. Both boys qualified for individuals.

Boys Epee

Freshman Allen Marakov proved he has a bright future on the team with a 9-2 record. Junior Anton Groshnikov likewise impressed with nine wins. With sophomore Clark Kokenge fencing 8-3, the squad placed second with its 26-7 record. During the individual competition, Groshnikov fenced 4-4. With Kokenge’s 5-3 record, not only did he place fourth, but he also qualified for individuals.

Girls Sabre

Junior Nastassja Kuznetsova impressively fenced 8-2 and both squad leader Serena Saini and junior Fiona He finished 6-4, thus bringing the sabre squad a 20-10 record and a third-place finish. Having qualified for the individual competition where only nine out of the 36 girls advance to, Kuznetsova ended up fencing 3-5.

Girls Foil

Led by squad leader Liz Yugov, who fenced 8-2, and team captain Maddy Chang, who amazed everyone with an undefeated record, the foilists placed first with a 25-5 win. Meanwhile, senior Caitlin Strain helped out her team by fencing 7-3 at her last District 2 tournament. At the individual competition, Chang finished 2-6. Yugov fenced 4-4, which placed her fourth and qualified her for individual weapons championship in March.

Girls Epee

The epee squad fenced so brilliantly that they actually matched the 25-5 record of the first-place team. However, because of the difference in indicators, the squad had to settle for second place. Freshman Jillian Yao continued to amaze with an 8-2 record. Diya Kulkarni suffered only one loss as she faced her 10 opponents. Squad leader Arianna Minassian finished 8-2. Kulkarni and Minassian both qualified for the individual competition. While both girls fenced 4-4, based on their indicators, Kulkarni placed fourth and earned a spot at individuals.

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