Ridge Shines at the Freshman / Sophomore Fencing Tournament

Posted by on February 8, 2018

With upperclassmen dominating the varsity teams, the Freshman / Sophomore Fencing Tournament is an excellent opportunity for the lowerclassmen to showcase their talent. On February 3rd, at Voorhees High School, 113 boys and 108 girls from the surrounding area, competed among fellow grade level fencers to take home a trophy. Among the winners were three Ridge freshman boys, one sophomore boy and three freshman girls.

The freshman boys sabre final round had quite a bit of friendly competition with Nick Ge, Ryan Watkins and Alex Babigan placing in the top eight. Watkins fenced 3 – 4 and took home a fourth place trophy. Ge, with a 6 – 1 record, demonstrated his great skill as he placed an amazing second place.

Both grade levels shone in the epee competitions. While freshman Prakrit Raj placed fourth with his 2 – 3 record, sophomore Clark Kokenge took home first place. Kokenge, who does fence for Ridge’s Varsity Team, tied for first in the final round with a 4 – 1 record. Facing a formidable challenger from Watchung Hills, Kokenge won this last bout and took home the trophy.

Jillian Yao proved that she indeed belongs on the Varsity Team as well when she remained undefeated in the final round. Her 5 – 0 record in epee placed her decidedly in first place. Jaclyn Chen demonstrated that she is a very capable foilist by fencing 3 – 2 in the final round and placing a very impressive second place. In the Freshman Sabre competition, Ishita Goel likewise fenced 3 – 2 in the final round and brought home a third place trophy.

The underclassman talent shown in this unique tournament secures Ridge prominence for the coming years.

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